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In gratitude

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller


She’s The First (STF), a New York based nonprofit, is a significant strategic partner and one of our biggest financial supporters.

STF provides scholarship funds for a large number of students in South Sudan each year. STF also hosts a regional conference annually for strategic partners working in African countries. This conference, held in Nairobi, Kenya allows PESS workers to interact with other African leaders operating similar programs. STF provides logistics and first-rate content to support this annual event.


Thank you She’s The First for your commitment to girls worldwide and the ones we serve in South Sudan!


Rotary clubs from Colorado provide significant financial support to PESS. In addition, Rotarians serve as advisors and provide valuable connections to PESS as it develops international development programs in South Sudan.


Thank you Rotary for your quality service and support!

Individuals provide monthly contributions to support Girl Groups of 10 students each. Girl’s Groups gather regularly in South Sudan for mutual support and mentoring in leadership development.

Thank you Monthly Donors! For information on how to become a monthly donor to a Girl’s Group please contact us.

Isaac's Reunification-Clear2.JPG

Carol Rinehart and Isaac Khor Bher began the Project Education Sudan organization after a trip to Sudan in 2005 to allow Isaac to reunite with his mother whom he had not seen in over 20 years, separated during the civil war that ended in the formation of South Sudan as an independent state in 2011.


Isaac and Carol brought back from their trip the inspiration to help rural villages regain a structure for education after decades of civil war.


Thank you Carol and Isaac your vision that resulted in the formation of Project Education Sudan, later re-named Project Education South Sudan!

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