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With education comes the hope of a new future for South Sudan

Aluel Chol Kuei


Last year one of our students earned the fourth highest score in the country on her national exams. In her own words "“I do believe more representation of women will... help stop violence against women, encourage girls, increase child education, create more positions for women in national and local government, and give women a voice to talk in public and equally share power in governance. More educated women will help in community development.”

Abuk Mayen

Nurse's Aid

Abuk was only one of a few hundred girls to graduate high school. Thanks to your donations she now expects to complete her program and become a fully accredited nurse this year. “My advice to young girls as they pursue their studies is commitment. I know it is very hard to overcome some challenges… but they should try, by all means, to achieve their educational goals first.”

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